Convert Tape to Disc

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Preserve your memories. Convert your video tapes and camcorder footage to DVDs. We provide, the DVD with a label and case.

Bring in more than three tapes and make additional DVD copies at a reduced cost. Rush service is available.

VHS tape

Hi-8 / 8mm / Digital 8 tape

MiniDV tape

If the tapes you want to transfer aren't pictured above, you can click here to see all formats handled.

Extra Copies

Make extra copies of the original(s) created above for:

Extra Copies
Extra Copies
Extra Copies
$7 each $5 each $4 each

Tape to Computer Disc

If you'd like your video on a computer hard disc or other media, click the button below for more information.

Cassette to CD

Convert a cassette tape to CD $30.
Track creation $80.

Create High Definition Blu-Ray Disc

Blu-ray discs play widescreen high definition video from your new HD camcorder with spectacular details.

From HDV tape or Memory Chip $30 per hour
Setup for HDV tape $10
Additional Copies $20 ea.

Printing on Disc Options

Plain Text Label,
up to 15 words.
No additional charge

Simple Logo and Text Label,
up to 15 words.
$10 Setup + $0.30 per disc

Full-face Label
with your print-ready art.
$10 Setup + $0.60 per disc

Printing Inserts for Packaging

Black Video Kitchen insert
No additional charge

B&W Insert
$30 setup + $0.75 per sheet

Color Insert
$30 Setup + $1.50 per sheet


Click here to see the full range of options.

Custom Options

Small extra charges may apply to:

  • Connect your camcorder or player to our equipment
  • Combine two or more tapes to one DVD
  • Start or stop a transfer at a designated spot
  • Copy from broadcaster's BetaCamSP tapes
  • Convert from or to foreign PAL and SECAM formats
  • Rush service is available

Click the "Estimator" button to calculate the cost of your order. You can also print out the form to mail-in your order.


If you have any further questions, please click here to visit our frequently asked questions for Duplications.