Photo Slideshows

Give a priceless gift by customizing your photos for playing in DVD players, Blu-ray players or on your iPad. Slideshows are great for:

  • Weddings and anniversary parties
  • Graduation and sports banquets
  • Business parties or conferences
  • Retirement parties

Slideshow Options

Standard Drop-off Package - $170
Shoebox of old photos

Our "standard" package is a good starting point when pricing your video slide show. However, any of its elements can be increased or decreased by consulting the à la carte prices or by clicking on the "Estimator" button to calculate your own price. If you opt for the Standard Package your show will consist of:

  • 100 photos making a 10 minute video
  • Estimator

  • Your photos in motion
  • 4 songs you provide on CD's
  • Text pages at the beginning and end of video
  • 1 DVD or Blu-ray of the completed presentation
  • 1 custom library case of your choice with a photo and title chosen from your presentation

Click the "Estimator" button to calculate the cost of your slide show and if you want you may mail the job to us.

With-Us Photo Slideshow Creation

Our standard service is 1 week. We add fades and motion to all of your photos, and can do more by request. We are happy to schedule a 15 minute appointment with you when you drop off your photo montage. Prepare your photos by:

  • Numbering them 001, 002, etc. if digital
  • Organizing them in order for about 30 images per song
  • Deciding what songs you want with each section of photos
  • Bringing us the CD's or music files on a thumb drive
  • Writing down what you want the first and last screens to say
  • Deciding what you want the cover to say and which photo to put on the cover
  • Add videos for $40 per video clip, or $10 for clips under 5 min.

Call ahead and reserve an edit suite with an operator. The rate is based on the time that you occupy the station and operator.


A La Carte Prices

Setup fee $40
Photos to slideshow $1 each
Slides to slideshow $2 each
Photos in albums to slideshow $3 each
Add your music $5 per song
Title pages (15 word max) $5 each
Title at bottom (4 word names) $3 each
Changes made after completion of job $35
We help ordering photos by appointment only $85/hr.


If you have any further questions, please click here to visit our frequently asked questions for photos.