Film Transfer

Video Kitchen takes great care transferring film successfully in house for 19 years.

Those old home movies can take you back to another time -- another era when there were large family gatherings, picnics by the muddy pond, kids sledding on Flexible Flyers, and lots of presents under the tree.

After your movies have been transferred to video, you can add music, and narration. You also have the option to edit out bad footage, re-arrange reels and send copies to your family as gifts.

Movie Transfer Pricing

$30   +
.24 per ft
Silent Movies
.30 per ft
Sound Movies

We transfer 8mm and 16mm film.

If you know the order that you want you reels to be played in, we will happily place them onto the DVD in the order you specify. If you do not know what order you would like them in, we can quickly re-order your film, add chapter markers, titles and music after the first initial transfer.

Click the "Estimator" button to calculate the total cost of your order. Then bring your movies in or use the estimator page to mail-in your movies. Normal turnaround is less than 2 weeks. We will notify you of the final bill and will mail or send your original movies with the finished video back to you. All credit cards and checks accepted.




If you have any further questions, please click here to visit our frequently asked questions about Film Transfers.