Convert for the Internet from video footage

We produce internet ready files from your video footage.

Now you can be your own mini-TV broadcaster! Put a sports highlight video on the web of your star athlete so coaches at various colleges can easily view the video. Show off family activity to friends and family. Promote your business with video on the Internet. Consider the benefits of video on the world wide web:

  • It works for you 24/7
  • It's available when a prospect has an interest
  • It's easy to add to your existing pages
  • Cost is low

With everything going to the web, its hard to be specific, but we are able to adapt to your needs. We can convert your video files that YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. will accept. We can also convert your video to an iPod/iPhone compatible video format. We can also post your video to our own video hosting site as well:


For the 1st hour.
$20 per hour after 1st.
Edit points $5
Upload to YouTube $20

Digital Conversion Details

Normally we encode your video clip(s) to a CD. However if you have an external harddrive or USB drive you'd like us to save your video to, we'd love to put it directly onto your portable drive at no additional cost. Any needed editing is performed at $100/hr. Allow 24 hours to complete a project.

If you need help to create the videos, give us a call to shoot and edit it with our digital cameras, audio systems and lighting rigs for a high quality, Internet-ready video.