A little bit of history …


Video Kitchen was founded in 1992 as a place to "cook up a great video!" Over the years over 35,000 customers have come through our doors to do everything from duplicating a tape for their family to a production of sophisticated broadcast-quality videos for businesses, organizations and charities. We have grown from one to two closely integrated operations in Louisville Kentucky.

Not only do you gain access to professional equipment, you'll find a professional staff ready to help you create a superb video. If you need copies, one or thousands, we are the place to do that for you, six days a week.

Who runs Video Kitchen -- Owners

The Bardstown Road Video Kitchen is owned by Carlile and Louise Crutcher and managed by Edith Bush. The Blankenbaker Parkway Video Kitchen is owned by David Scheldorf, its manager, Tim Scheldorf and Carlile Crutcher.

Carlile is a Louisville native, a graduate of Kenyon College, and worked for many years as a programmer, systems analyst and owner of a software firm before getting into the video profession. Louise is a Louisville native, a graduate of Mount Vernon College, and has an active second career as an artist where she has run a studio gallery for many years a dozen blocks up Bardstown Road from the Video Kitchen. Their daughter, Edith Bush, manages the Highlands store. She is a graduate from Richmond College in London England with a fine arts major in photography. She has worked at the Video Kitchen since it's founding in 1992.

Edith Crutcher Carlile Crutcher Louise Crutcher
Edith C. Bush
Carlile Crutcher
Louise Crutcher


Video Kitchen East (VKE) on Blankenbaker Parkway is a joint effort by a father/son combo: David and Tim Scheldorf and Carlile Crutcher. David is a Louisville native and a graduate of Atherton High School. After working at and managing the Video Kitchen on Bardstown Road for 6 years he approached Carlile with the idea of opening a second store. His father, Tim, is a graduate of Purdue University. He is presently the retired Director of Maintenance and Engineering at the Portland branch of the Family Health Centers.

David Scheldorf Tim Scheldorf
David Scheldorf
Tim Scheldorf

Why is there a Video Kitchen?

Carlile and Louise Crutcher went on a trip to China in 1992 and took a Hi8 camcorder with them to document the trip. By the time they returned they had recorded 8 hours of footage. They were interested not only in editing down the video footage but they wanted to combine it with still pictures that they also had. None of their friends or family would sit still for all the raw footage. They looked, but could not find anywhere in Louisville where they could do this work easily and affordably. This planted the seed that bloomed as Video Kitchen on Bardstown Road.

What started as a self-service and duplication business has grown to a firm with many more technical and artistic strengths. We not only have top of the line video editing equipment, we have the staff that knows how to run it all. As video presentations move from tape to computers and the internet, we've been honing our skills and software to stay abreast of this rapidly changing technology.

We have worked with professional firms shooting video then we can make DVD's or put online and we can take provided footage for storage online or on hard drives that can be edited on a computer. The reverse is true. A number of customers arrive with footage, computer files, photographs, you-name-it and we sit with them in one of our second-floor edit suites producing a slick, professional presentation.

Ideas for beginners.

But no matter how hard we try to impress you with our expertise doing elaborate commercial work, don't be afraid to bring us your personal, school and church projects as they have always represented the backbone of our business. In fact, Carlile is working on a booklet to help beginning videographers. If you're not happy with the footage you have been shooting, you may want to take a peek at it. Over a dozen pages are posted here with no pictures or formatting but you're welcome to take a look and give us your feedback. It's called "Creating Great Videos." Click here to see it.