Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about Photo Services

Below are some frequently asked questions about photo services. Click on each question to see the answer.

How long is a video of photos?

10 photos are equivalent to about one minute of video.

How many photos can be transferred onto a videotape?

As many as 1200 photos will fit onto a standard length, two hour long DVD.

How long are the photos displayed on the TV screen?

We have found that 6 seconds each is the optimum viewing time for most photos.

Do I get my original photos back?

Yes, the original photos are returned unharmed to you after the transfer process.

Can I add motion to my photos like I have seen on the Biography and History Channel?

Yes, we routinely float (pan, tilt or zoom) some or all of your photos across the screen.

May titles be inserted between photos?

Titles are $5 each and may inserted anywhere in the montage.

What if I want to add titles at the bottom of each picture?

Names or descriptions up to 4 words each at the bottom of photos are $3 each.

How do I prepare my photos?

Number the photos in the back corner in the order you want them to be shown. But please don't use sharpie! If you have digital photos, please number them 001, 002, etc. and provide on a disc or thumb drive.

How do I prepare my music?

Bring in CDs and write down which CD, track number and song in order for the video.

If I don't have music, what kind of soft background music is used?

We use piano or orchestral music without vocals that is nostalgic and sentimental.

How much is it if I want a set of photos to fit the exact length of a song?

No extra charge.

Why should I order extra copies?

Extra copies are much less expensive than the original and are great to share as gifts.

What is the quality of the photos to video transfer?

We use professional video equipment that is among the latest in digital video technology.

How does one photo transition to another?

The photos are all digitally processed and arranged so that as the first photo fades out, the next photo is smoothly dissolving in.

How long does it take to process my order?

Typical processing of your order takes about 1 week from the time that we receive it. During the Holiday and graduation rush times, this timing may extend out to 2 weeks based on order backlog.