Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about Movie Conversions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Movie Conversions. Click on each question to see the answer.

How do I send my film to you?

Print and fill out the order form on the Estimator page, number each reel in order and mail.

How long does it take for you to put my film on video?

Approximately 1 – 2 weeks.

How long are the photos displayed on the TV screen?

Yes, the film will be shipped with the new master.

What is a MiniDV digital master tape?

We provide a high quality MiniDV digital master tape for preservation and backup.

Can you add music to my film?

If we use our music or a continuous CD of yours, it is $40 per hour of music added.

If I don't have music, what kind of soft background music is used?

We use piano or orchestral music without vocals that is nostalgic and sentimental.

Can I come in and voice over my film with narration?

You can add a personal touch to the video with narrative for a $100 perhour.

Can I have several types of film?

Yes, we can mix 8mm, Super-8, Super8mm sound and 16mm silent film in one order.

How much film can I get on a two hour master?

A 2 hour DVD or VHS tape will hold 1500 feet of regular 8mm film, 2000 feet of Super 8 MM film and 4000 feet of 16mm film.