Drop-Off Editing

We can combine your digital files to a DVD on a 3-Day turnaround.

Drop-off editing of pre-logged video clips include a DVD and a custom case with labels that can contain text and photos. You can combine digital videos, digital photos, music, and text screens to make a nice production. Please click here to download the log sheet! Our drop-off editing includes:

  • 15 minute consultation and supplies - $40
  • Shorter 5 minute videos are combined for $10 each
  • Longer videos are $25 each
  • Add digital photos for $1 per image
  • Bring in a song an we'll add it to the video for $5
  • Add text screens (title pages) throughout video for $5
  • Any changes requested after viewing the final video are $35 per change

With everything going to the web, its hard to be specific, but we are able to adapt to your needs. We can convert your video files that YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. will accept. We can also convert your video to an iPod/iPhone compatible video format. We can also post your video to our own video hosting site as well: http://www.vidkit.com.


$40 setup

Clips < 5 mins. $10
Clips > 5 mins. $25

Drop-Off Editing Details

Video Kitchen asks that you do your homework with our drop-off editing. Videos can be viewed through your computer or device for noting the file names. If you cannot find the file name, you can record the date and time (if available) of the clip you want. Start and stop times can be noted in hours, minutes, and seconds, also a quick note about what is going on in the clip can be useful. Any text screens you want to incorporate must be carefully logged in the order you want them to appear. Digital photos must be named in sequence (example: 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc.) Songs can be provided on CD's or thumb drives for playing with the video.

If you need help to create the videos, give us a call to shoot and edit it with our digital cameras, audio systems and lighting rigs for a high quality, digital video.