Convert to Digital Video

Video Kitchen can convert your video to a digital video format that can easily be shared, copied or stored on your computer.

Do you have some experience with computers? Would you like to preserve your family memories with digital video stored on your computer? Video Kitchen is happy to help you convert your video to a file you can use on your computer.

Digital Video Details

We encode your videos to thumb drives or external hard drives depending on the quality and/or length of the converted video files. These can be purchased at Video Kitchen with your conversion. We can also put your videos online for sharing with others. If you need a conversion for editing purposes, please provide us with the name of the application you plan to edit with.


For the 1st hour.
$10 per additional hr.
Internet uploads $20

Digital Video Formats

We offer several ways to encode your video, such as:

Convert to easy share files for viewing

Convert to large edit-ready files

Convert to internet share files

Transfer files from memory card or floppy disk to thumb drive